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clamping unit

Rimm Clamping unit

The fully hydraulic clamping unit operates homogeneously with clamping force distribution over a large-area, with the clamping force being dissipated via 4 strongly dimensioned tie bars.

The low number of moving parts results in short closing times and thus fast cycle times. They also ensure a reliable process.

The two external fast-forward cylinders ensure a quick and dynamic opening and closing movement.

Rimm machine mouldroom

Individually extendable ejector lifting bars allow the use of up to 4 mould levels without mould-internal actuators.

Parallel synchronization through the rack and pinion gear ensures uniformly and gentle mould closing and prevents warping.

Various ejector lifter step cycles enable you to achieve optimally facilitated operation and mold-specific sequences.

Rimm machine

A light barrier that is meeting all the requirements of safety regulations, is used to safeguard the machine room, protecting three sides of the machine.

All operator and tool hazardous movements are directly stopped by an intervention without interrupting the production cycle.

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